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About Dr. Lach...

Throughout his professional career, Dr. David R. Lach has created almost 20,000 beautiful new smiles for patients from age 7 to 70 throughout all of Central Florida. Calling upon his artistic talent, Dr. Lach was attracted to the specialty of orthodontics because of its intimate blend of art and science. "I see each patient's smile as a blank canvas," he says. "To me, every transformed smile becomes a unique masterpiece that is personalized to an individual and a direct reflection of who they are and how they are perceived by others."

Dr. Lach is a top graduate of the prestigious University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Dentistry, widely known nationally and internationally for its excellence in dental education. He went on to receive his orthodontic specialty training and a Master of Science degree from the University of Louisville. He helped pioneer the study of using computers to predict some of the changes that are commonly seen as a result of wearing braces. He was awarded a Master of Science degree for his original work in this area and currently uses one of the most sophisticated and highly advanced computer systems to help plan the best orthodontic treatments for his patients. He continues to work with the refinement of computer systems in orthodontics so that they can continue to help us to deliver the highest quality of orthodontic treatment available.

Dr. Lach has also contributed to the enhancement of dental education as a member of the clinical teaching faculty at the University Of Florida College Of Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida. In addition to his membership in the American Dental Association, Dr. Lach is also a member of the Florida Dental Association, Dental Society of Greater Orlando, Southern Association of Orthodontists and the American Association of Orthodontists.

"As specialists, we have an obligation and responsibility to our community to make sure we are well-trained and experienced in all of the latest advances in orthodontic technologies," says Dr. Lach. As a result, Dr. Lach was the first orthodontist in Central Florida to acquire the revolutionary Suresmile System, which is the most technologically advanced and sophisticated form of orthodontic treatment available anywhere in the world. This amazing cutting-edge process utilizes a high-resolution 3-D orascanner and advanced robotic technology to precisely and accurately transform a smile in almost half the time when compared to traditional braces. By choosing this method, patients can expect their treatment time to be reduced by as much as 1 year, with far less discomfort and adjustment visits required. Because of his patient-centered philosophy, Dr. Lach also has extensive experience and offers many additional choices and treatment options for patients, including the use of clear removable aligners, known as Invisalign, as well as clear, colored, neon or metallic traditional braces and surgical orthodontics.

"We want our patients to know they can expect a high-quality, beautiful new smile, in the least amount of time, discomfort, and inconvenience, and done in a manner that fits best within their lifestyle and schedule," he says. "We truly listen to our patients and focus on delivering on what they desire most from us."

Dr. Lach supports many local charities and volunteer organizations, including the March of Dimes, Shriners Hospital for Children, and the UNC Mexico Project, which is a program he founded and created in 1987 in order to provide dental care for needy and underprivileged orphanage children in Mexico.

Personally, Dr. Lach is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys the many outdoor activities available to us in our beautiful and young central Florida community, including boating, water skiing, fishing, going to the beach and golfing. He is a former collegiate Division I and semi-professional soccer player and can sometimes be spotted on weekend afternoons at a local soccer match, as a player, coach or simply as a spectator. Dr. Lach thoroughly enjoys spending time with his family. He is married to Hope and has 3 children, Grant, Bryce, Emmie and a golden retriever named Sanford.