3Shape TRIOS 3 Intraoral Scanner

ONE OF THE LEAST enjoyable steps to getting braces, implants, or retainers is having an impression taken of your teeth. But what if there was a piece of technology that rendered this step unnecessary? Good news, because that’s exactly what the 3Shape TRIOS 3 Intraoral Scanner does!

What Is An Intraoral Scanner?

The intraoral scanner uses advanced imaging technology that allows us to painless scan and fabricate virtual impressions of your teeth. Think of it as a fancy 3D camera that can make an exceptionally accurate impression of your teeth.

Why Is This Scanner A Better Option?

Compared to traditional impression methods, the intraoral scanner provides some great benefits. Such as:

  • Greatly reduced discomfort
  • Reduced number of appointments
  • Improved level of detail, leads to better fitting appliances
  • And a better fit leads to higher quality outcomes

Come Get Your Scan!

If you’ve been avoiding important dental work because you didn’t want to go through the impression process, then you’ll love our intraoral scanner! Schedule an appointment with us at our Oviedo or Orlando today so we can get you one step closer to the smile you deserve!

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