Advantages of Clear Braces in Orlando, FL

If you live and work in the Orlando, FL area, it may be important for your job or social life to look your best. This may mean you need orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth or fix other dental problems. Many adults are more willing to consider the orthodontic treatment they need because there are advancements in the technology of braces, including clear braces and clear plastic aligners. Clear braces are one solution for dental problems that is very discreet.

Clear ceramic braces look and function just like traditional metal braces. The brackets and wires are the same, but they are clear or tooth-colored and very hard to see for anyone who doesn’t already know they are there. Clear braces are more prone to stains than metal braces, so they need to be carefully cleaned. But the braces are made from compounds that are non-porous and strong. The arch wire is metal that has been frosted with a white or silver color so that it doesn’t stand out from your teeth.

The brackets of clear braces are smaller than metal brackets, but just as strong. They take up less space on the front of your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces that may use strong bonding material, clear braces use a bonding agent that does not demineralize the tooth enamel. They are easier to remove when the treatment is finished. Because of technological advances for removing ceramic braces, they may do less damage to the tooth enamel. Clear ceramic braces are so discreet that they usually cannot be seen from a distance or in photographs.

Other clear braces are plastic aligners that resemble a mouth guard and fit over your teeth. Called Invisalign®, these braces are the most discreet option in Orlando, FL and are the easiest to keep clean. They require no dietary restrictions as the other types of braces do because you remove them when you eat. You will need to brush your teeth before replacing the aligners after meals. If you want to attend an event and not be bothered with removing the aligner to eat, it’s no problem. You can remove the aligners for a few hours with no problem.

As long as you have teeth and gums that are not too damaged, there is still a chance you can treat dental and orthodontic problems to have strong and healthy teeth again. Clear braces in Orlando, FL may be your best option for the smile you have always wanted.

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