Ask the Orthodontist

Q. Can any dentist do my Invisalign® and get the same results?

A. The answer is most likely NO. Most people think that Invisalign® will yield the same results regardless of which doctor treats you which is usually not the case at all. It may be shocking for you to know that to become Invisalign® “Certified” a dentist or orthodontist is required to attend only a one day class.

That’s right, ONE DAY! What that means is that the EXPERIENCE and TRAINING of your doctor are what is the most important criteria to determine if they are qualified to treat you. An Orthodontist has 2-3 years of advanced additional training and experience in addition to their dental degree they earn as a general dentist.

It is important to understand that Invisalign® is a newer technology that even some experienced orthodontists have not had a lot of experience or training other than their one-day “certification” course. The best advice is for you to do your homework and ask your doctor exactly how many successfully finished cases they have treated with Invisalign® and check to find out who is listed in your area as having the most experience, training and credentials.

Also, ask them to show you their work and perhaps even request to speak to some of their patients. Everyone knows that anyone can put anything they want on the internet, so nothing will beat seeing things for yourself firsthand.

The most experienced Invisalign® doctors are usually orthodontists designated as *Elite Providers that have the highest level of experience and expertise using Invisalign®. These highly skilled Invisalign® specialists can treat all types of cases and often can get the same or better results with Invisalign® than traditional metal braces.

Elite doctors can treat children, adults, extraction cases, surgical cases, open bite, deep bite, crossbite as well as many other advanced cases more efficiently and effectively which can save you lots of time and cost in the long run.

Your smile is very important, so it is important to do your research on the doctor that you hire to perform whatever treatments you need to maximize your chances of getting the beautiful new smile you deserve and minimize the chances of disaster.