Back To School Braces in Lake Nona

It’s still sweltering outside, yet every commercial on TV has gone from families playing in a sprinkler to families getting ready for school. When it comes to your smile, going to the orthodontist in Lake Nona at the start of the school year is no different. Except, instead of picking up notebooks and backpacks, your child is getting braces.

Kids that need braces can have emotions ranging from elation to trepidation. Some kids are excited because it means they’ve reached their teenage years. For others, it’s a terrible form of torture their parents are inflicting on them. They fear teasing and potential pain.

As an orthodontist in Lake Nona, I’ve witnessed both sides of the spectrum and everything in between. I can only imagine how much you’ve been dreading this moment as a parent. Not just because braces are expensive, but because of your own flashbacks about them as a preteen/teen, too.

Rest assured, getting braces in Lake Nona doesn’t have to be traumatic for anyone. In fact, with the right knowledge your child can get their braces on and be on their way to a successful school year before yearbook pictures.

Here are 3 tips to getting braces in Lake Nona on and keeping your kid from feeling down:

1) Put their mind at ease.

At Lach Orthodontic Specialists, I always schedule a consultation before the big day. That way, I can explain everything to your teen before they come in to get them on. I explain what goes on first, second, and third. I then explain what they may feel after they get them on and in the weeks to follow, and I try to make them laugh. Since I’ve been practicing, I’ve noticed the kids I treat are a lot less nervous the day of. Some are even excited when I tell them that they can get different colored rubber bands.

2) Be prepared. 

There are a lot of things you can do to make the first few days and weeks of having braces go more smoothly. One way is to have dental wax on hand and encourage your child to place the wax anywhere on their teeth and brackets that feels tender. In addition, stock up on ice cream and increase visits to places like Smoothie King®. Cold snacks help relieve some swelling and are a tasty treat to celebrate their bravery. Pain relievers can help a lot as well, so don’t be afraid to give your child acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Just don’t give them both types of medicine at the same time, and make sure to follow the dosage directions.

3) Set up a reward system.

Giving your child something to look forward to can really help in preventing them from wallowing in misery. After all, braces need to be on for an extended period. Typically, they are on for about one to two years; sometimes longer depending on the need. For example, if your child has them on for six months, consider taking them out to a meal of their choice. When your child has them on for a year, maybe you give them a gift card or a new video game. Perhaps, you just reward them when they finally get their braces off. You could even give them a skip day from school – just make sure there are no tests, of course – and allow them to spend the day with you.

Good luck!

And happy new school year!