Friction-Free Ligatureless Braces

You want a beautiful set of teeth, one that you are proud to see in every photo or any time that you catch your reflection. However, this can be a challenge if you have crooked teeth. Whether you have a problem with your alignment, spacing or a crowded mouth, it can be difficult to face a mirror. Don’t let your teeth hold you back any longer. Orthodontic correction can give you a reason to smile. You have many options when it comes to correcting your teeth. Friction-free ligatureless braces open the door to an effective, gentler method that could work for you.

Finding the Best Plan of Action for Your Teeth

Gone are the days when you only had one option for orthodontic treatment. In the past, metal brackets, metal wires and elastic bands were the only way to go in order to straighten your teeth or adjust your bite. The traditional method can be painful as tension is applied to your teeth and the inside of your mouth becomes irritated. Thanks to the innovations of today, you have more choices than ever. Friction-free braces without ligatures allow you to reap the benefits of a modern approach that has positive results.

What are the Benefits of Friction-Free Ligatureless Braces?

When you opt for friction-free braces that do not use ligatures, you will still have metal brackets. However, they are smaller and there is no longer a need for the metal ties or elastic bands that are typically used to adjust your teeth. You won’t have as much of a challenge when it comes to keeping your teeth clean.

In addition, the wires that are used are lightweight and have the additional benefit of using shape-memory technology. When you choose friction-free braces without ligatures, you can expect to get to your end goal in a shorter amount of time. You may not need to worry about expanders or having teeth removed to make room for treatment.

Friction-free braces without ligatures will get the job done. At the same time, they take a gentle approach, which means less discomfort for you, fewer trips to our orthodontist and less of a need for adjustments.

Why Choose Friction-Free Braces without Ligatures?

You may be drawn to clear aligners because they are practically invisible. However, such methods often take a longer period of time and are not appropriate when dealing with complex issues with your teeth. If you are looking for effective results, friction-free ligatureless braces could be the best way to go for you.

Talk to Us About Friction-Free Ligatureless Braces Today

When you are considering taking that step to have orthodontic correction, it’s a big decision. You have so many choices ahead of you. Our orthodontist at Lach Orthodontic Specialists will help you to make an informed decision after evaluating your mouth. We have offices conveniently located in Orlando and Oviedo.

During your consultation, ask about the benefits of friction-free braces without ligatures and decide if this exciting method will work for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.