Benefits of Teen Braces

A beautiful smile opens up so many doors for people. When a person has an attractive smile, they are considered to be happy, well-educated and confident. It is interesting to note that a person’s smile is about a lot more than just aesthetics. It is actually about living a healthy life. Your teeth play a large role in the nutrients you take in, the structure of your face, your ability to speak and your ability to breathe in air through your mouth.

Having a healthy smile sets you on a path of having a healthy life. For this reason, many parents require their teenagers to get braces if their teeth are crooked. There are a few things that both parents and teenagers should consider as they get ready for teen braces.

As with most things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Having your teenager visit our office sooner than later will have a major impact on how the entire process plays out. Generally speaking, the earlier the intervention, the easier it will be to correct your teenager’s teeth. The earlier you start, the more options you may have when determining what types of teen braces they will use and how long your child will need to undergo orthodontic treatment.

In addition to thinking about growing healthy teeth and jaws, a parent should take into consideration the effect that a less-than-perfect smile will have on the surrounding parts of their child’s body. For example, many teenagers have jaw pain that is directly linked to the improper alignment of their teeth. Additionally, catching and treating crooked teeth early means that you will be able to avoid some expensive and uncomfortable job manipulation procedures in the future.

Allowing your child to get teen braces if their teeth require them is a way to help them boost their self-confidence. A teenager’s self-confidence will increase after they see that beautiful smile in the mirror.

It is important to keep in mind that when we talk about teen braces, we are not just talking about the ones with metal brackets and wires. While it is true that traditional braces are still a popular choice among teens, Invisalign® is also a common selection. In addition to specializing in braces, Dr. Lach at Lach Orthodontic Specialists is a top 1% provider of Invisalign® and the number 1 provider in Orlando for Invisalign®. Schedule an appointment at his office in Oviedo or Lake Nona to learn more about your teen’s options. Contact us today to book an appointment!