Benefits of Traditional Braces in Orlando

Some years ago, if you were considering braces for yourself or your children, the choice was easy: metal braces. Today, there are many modern alternatives such as ceramic or clear brackets or Invisalign® from which to choose. Each has its advantages and limitations. Often, the non-traditional braces are chosen because they are discreet or are not easily seen. This is a big advantage, especially for adults who meet the public in their work. However, traditional braces are still available, and there are good reasons for that. Here are a few benefits of traditional braces in Orlando.

Metal braces are stronger than other types of braces. Because they are the sturdiest type, there is less chance of damage or breakage. Every time you break or damage your braces, it lengthens the time you need to wear them and requires more visits to our office. For many years, metal braces have been the tried and true technology and even though other types of braces are now available, for orthodontists, metal braces remain the most trusted form of adjustment in many cases.

Traditional braces should also be considered because of their durability. They are designed to remain for the duration of the treatment. They are also attached to your teeth so they cannot be misplaced or lost. Traditional braces also are able to exert more pressure on the teeth, reducing the time needed to shift the teeth. Some orthodontic and jaw problems can only be corrected with metal braces, such as shifting the molars. Molars have the strongest roots and require a great deal of force to realign.

Whatever your dental issue, traditional braces may be your best option. There is a big range of orthodontic problems that traditional braces have successfully treated. Traditional braces can help with complex or severe dental problems that cannot be corrected using other treatments. These include such problems as:

• Overbite
• Underbite
• Crossbite
• Spacing
• Overcrowding
• Protrusion

Over the years, traditional braces have been upgraded and designed to be smaller and less obtrusive than they used to be. They also come with some cosmetic options. They now can be made in a tooth-colored material so that they blend in with the teeth.

Traditional braces in Orlando require careful cleaning to remove all the food debris from the brackets and wires, as well as from between the teeth. They also have dietary restrictions that include foods that may break the brackets.

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