Braces for Kids

There are a lot of factors that parents take into consideration when deciding whether or not their children need braces. Obviously, the primary factor is whether or not their children’s teeth are straight or crooked. If a parent sees that their child’s teeth are misaligned or that their child has an overbite or an under bite, then it is understandable that they would want to look into braces for kids.

Another factor that some parents may take into consideration is the emotional state of their children. Some children are extremely excited to get braces. They see getting braces as part of growing up. And since we live in a society that is currently obsessed with personal appearance, many children who have crooked teeth feel self-conscious about them. They understand that the temporary inconvenience that comes from wearing braces will produce long-term benefits.

There are a lot of reasons to consider braces for kids. Sometimes their teeth or jaw problems are the result of their baby teeth falling out too soon. Or it could be that your child had an accident that has affected their teeth, or they might have developed a bad habit of sucking their thumb that pushed out their top teeth. Unfortunately, more times than not, dental problems that lead to your child needing braces are inherited. So if you have bad teeth or if your spouse has bad teeth, it’s likely that your children are going to have less-than-perfect teeth as well.

Dentists often notice that a child’s teeth are misaligned. It is during your child’s biannual checkups that their dentist will decide whether or not your child really needs braces and what type of braces your child may need.

Here’s something to remember; just because our orthodontist notices that your child’s teeth are not properly aligned does not necessarily mean that they are going to apply braces right away. They may wait a little bit longer and allow more teeth to grow in or allow the jaw to continue forming before deciding to put braces on your child.

Once the orthodontist has decided that your child does need braces, the next step is deciding what type of braces you are going to use. Most kids and teenagers will use the simple braces that have brackets and wires. The brackets attach to the teeth, the wires attach to the brackets and rubber bands are used to control the reshaping of your child’s teeth.

If your child feels that traditional braces are too embarrassing, they might like white ceramic braces for kids. In some cases, ligatureless braces may be applied. Invisalign® is a form of clear aligners that are removable. Dr. Lach is proud to be the number one provider in Orlando for Invisalign®. Unfortunately, Invisalign® only works for some people. Most orthodontists will not recommend Invisalign® for young children simply because most young children do not have the self-discipline needed to put the trays in, keep them in and keep them clean.

Every good parent is concerned about the appearance of their child’s teeth. To determine if your child can benefit from braces for kids, visit Lach Orthodontic Specialists, with offices in Orlando and Oviedo. Catching dental problems early can lead to an improved quality of life for your child now and on into adulthood. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child.