Braces for Teens

You know how important your smile is. It draws people closer to get to know you and opens doors of opportunity. Whether you are at work or in a social situation, you want your teeth to look their best. The same holds true for your teen. Those adolescent years are challenging as teens struggle to fit in and have a positive self-image.

If your teenager has orthodontic issues, braces can correct the problem. However, it may be a struggle to convince your child to agree to treatment. While it’s true that braces will take some time to adjust your teen’s teeth, it will all be worth it in the end every time your son or daughter flashes those pearly whites. Explore your options for braces for teens to begin their journey to a beautiful smile.

There are Many Options in Orthodontics Today

The field of orthodontics has made many exciting advances. Gone are the days when the only option for your teen would be metal wires and brackets for at least four years. While traditional braces are still used, there have been so many treatment options developed in recent times that shorten the length of treatment and provide your teen with more discreet options.

What are Some of the Types of Braces for Teens?

Teens and adults can still have the options of traditional braces. However, there have been many enhancements made to typical braces. Ligatureless braces are available that offer less friction. Colored braces are another alternative that allows for your teen to express their personality through their smile during their orthodontic correction. Your teen could choose invisible braces that are clear for more direction. There are many options now when it comes to braces for teens.

What About Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is another options that will require your teen to wear clear aligners. These aligners are made out of a plastic that is medical-grade and extremely durable. The aligners are developed using 3D imagery. On a biweekly basis, your teen will be given a new set of aligners as the teeth shift in position. Many teens love Invisalign® because no one notices the aligners. It is also convenient that they can be removed for dental hygiene, special events and sporting events.

Talk to Our Orthodontist About Braces for Teens

The best way to decide what to do next about braces for your teenager is to make an appointment at Lach Orthodontic Specialists. Our orthodontist will evaluate your teen’s teeth, pinpoint areas of concern and make recommendations for treatment. You can discuss all of your teen’s options for braces before making any final decisions.

Your teen may not be happy about getting braces, but it will make the process easier if your child is a part of the decision-making. Once your teen has made a decision, the results will be worth it when there is a reason to smile. We have offices in Orlando and Oviedo. Contact us today to schedule your teen’s appointment.