Clear Braces

Too often, individuals who have misaligned teeth choose not to have them straightened because of the appearance impact braces can have during the time in which they are in place. If you are in this category, you should check into clear braces for a more discreet option. You can get the benefit of braces without having them so conspicuous that they are the first things others see when you speak or smile.

You may have even thought about clear aligners to reduce the cosmetic impact associated with straightening of the teeth. These devices are not for everyone, however. If your teeth are severely crooked, clear aligners may not be an option for you. Even if they are, you may still prefer to go with clear braces because of the advantages they offer.

Clear braces work just like traditional braces do. In fact, the only difference is the material from which they are made. Rather than being made from highly visible metal, they are made from a material that is clear and barely noticeable.

Braces are often the best choice for correcting severe overbites or under bites. Conditions like these may be beyond the capability of other methods such as clear aligners like Invisalign® to resolve. If this is the situation, braces may be your only choice. Clear braces will allow you to have your overbite corrected discreetly.

If your teeth are twisted, braces may be your best option for having them rotated into their proper position. The same is true if they are not parallel to the adjacent teeth. In these cases, the amount of movement that is necessary for each individual tooth may vary. Braces, as opposed to aligners, may be your best choice in these situations as well.

Overall, today’s braces are much smaller than those that were in use a few years ago. Because of the size of the older braces, many people still have the perception that the presence of braces will have a negative impact on their appearance until the day comes when they get them off. The reality is that they are less obvious than they once were.

If, however, you still have concerns about the way they look but you still want your teeth straightened as quickly and efficiently as possible, you should have a discussion with our Orthodontist in Orlando about the benefits of clear braces. You may find them to be a good option if you want to have your teeth straightened in a discreet way.

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