Consulting with Our Orlando Orthodontist

Our Orlando orthodontist is trained to correct a wide range of problems involving the misalignment of teeth. Our professional has the skills and tools to correct a malocclusion of any severity. For example, crowding is a condition that causes teeth to take crooked positions in the dental arches. An overbite refers to an abnormal forward protrusion of the upper teeth. Similarly, an underbite means that the lower teeth don’t extend outward enough. Complications with a dental bite are often caused by anatomical irregularities in the jaw bones. Therefore, some orthodontic solutions can only be successful if they’re closely coordinated with oral surgery.

Orthodontic Consultation

A consultation with our Orlando orthodontist may involve a comprehensive review of a patient’s teeth, gums and jaws. X-rays could be initially taken to analyze the severity of a malocclusion. Bite impressions are also helpful in diagnosing the exact problem inside the mouth. State-of-the-art technology is now available to take digital impressions of teeth. For example, the iTero system includes a small scanner that captures high-quality renderings of a patient’s upper and lower teeth. This cutting-edge technology generates virtual 2-D and 3-D images that could be viewed from just about any angle.

Once our Orlando orthodontist clearly diagnoses the malocclusion of a patient, the next step involves the recommendation for a personalized treatment. Braces are strongly suggested to teenagers and young adults who suffer from moderate or severe types of crowding or improper bites. Simple cases of malocclusion might be fixed with clear aligners that have some cosmetic advantages over classic braces. During an initial consultation, our orthodontist is able to estimate the total length of time that it’ll take to successfully shift teeth into desired positions.

Health Issues Involving Orthodontics

Contrary to popular belief, orthodontic treatment is not purely cosmetic. Wearing braces or clear aligners can provide much more than an attractive smile. Crooked or misaligned teeth could cause complications with eating, drinking, breathing and speaking. Therefore, some orthodontic treatments can actually have health benefits for the patient.

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