Correcting Overbites with Braces in Orlando

Overbites are common in people in Orlando and elsewhere. This is where your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix an overbite with braces. The earlier a child gets braces, the easier it’s going to be to correct the issue and the less chance exists of the child developing a secondary issue.

There are a number of reasons why your child might have an overbite. It could be the way your child’s bones have developed or their teeth have developed, or it could be bad habits that your child had, like sucking their thumb. Whatever the reason, the sooner you can use braces to fix the problem, the better. Of course, the age at which your child will use braces is going to vary depending on the way your child’s teeth develop and their overall oral health.

Braces to help correct an overbite will be placed over your child’s front teeth. With time, the braces will be manipulated. The end goal is that your child’s upper teeth and lower teeth match each other.

When thinking about getting braces for a child who has an overbite, it’s not enough to think about the aesthetic aspects of the condition. The truth is that this issue can lead to a wide range of health problems. For example, it can cause a person to have tooth decay, lose their tooth, develop TMJ, and have speech impediments. Having a healthy bite can help minimize the chances of the child developing any of these conditions when they get older. Taking steps to correct an overbite when a child is young will save the child from needing to spend untold amounts of money on time-consuming fixes as they get older. It can also save them from being the target of bullying.

The technology behind braces has changed drastically over the past 10 years. Our orthodontist in Orlando often recommends metal braces to correct an overbite. However, the options that a young person has to correct this issue are not limited to metal braces. It all depends on the unique situation.

Overbites are not seen as attractive. And although most children and teenagers don’t like wearing braces, when they become adults, they are so happy that their parents took the time to correct their overbite in youth. As adults, they have a healthy smile, they have more confidence, and they are happier with themselves.

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