Child Treatment

Age 7 is the right time to have your child screened by the orthodontist. Just as routine dental check-ups are an important part of keeping a healthy smile, a timely visit to the orthodontist no later than the critical age of 7 can reveal hidden problems that could be worsening over time that you or your child may not have been made aware of that have gone undetected for years.

One might ask why would you go see an orthodontist by age 7 if there are still baby teeth in place? For the simple reason that an orthodontist can PREVENT problems by uncrowding or managing permanent teeth into alignment BEFORE they grow in. How is that possible?

Since jaw bones are “softer” during early childhood years, Orthodontists can install special devices called “expanders” which can change the shape and size of the JAWBONE that will then allow permanent teeth to grow in straighter naturally.

That means that teeth grow in much straighter than they would have which can minimize and sometimes even eliminate the need for braces down the road.

If you are not sure about your child’s orthodontic condition, the best thing to do is to get your child a screening exam before age 7 by a certified orthodontist.

Just remember, don’t let anyone pull any of your or your child’s teeth without seeing and experienced orthodontist first for a FREE SCREENING EXAM . It could be the difference in you or your child keeping perfectly healthy teeth or not.