Getting Braces for the First Time in Orlando

You have healthy, strong teeth. They are beautiful because you take good care of them. There is only one problem. Your teeth are not straight. It doesn’t matter how white or bright they are if you don’t have teeth that are in the proper alignment. If you want to have a smile that looks amazing, you are going to need some extra help. Our orthodontist in Orlando can help you as you take the journey toward braces for the first time. Get it right and you won’t ever need them again. Find out why you should consider them and call us today to learn more.

What Can Braces Do for You?

Whether you are in your teens or you are an adult, braces are a way to transform your smile. You can take care of issues with too much space or not enough space. You can correct a misaligned gap. They are applied to the surface of your teeth. They use a combination of brackets and wires to apply tension to your teeth at all times. They will gently move your teeth into the proper position. Your treatment will take at least a year in most cases. Two years are typical. The timing will depend on your teeth and your type of braces. They can be metal or they can be ceramic. If you want them to be discreet, ceramic braces can match your teeth or be clear. They can be mounted behind your teeth to hide them from sight. If you want to avoid regular braces, you might be able to have clear aligners. Our orthodontist will be able to tell you about all of your alternatives.

Once your teeth have been corrected, you will have the smile of your dreams. You will also reap the benefits of teeth that are in the right position. You will minimize the risk of TMJ disorders and sleep apnea. You will also find that it is easier to brush and floss when your teeth are lined up properly. You won’t hide from the camera or avoid social situations when your teeth are looking their best. You need to sit down with our orthodontist so that you can give yourself an opportunity to learn how braces can make a positive change in your life. It will be worth the wait to be patient as your smile is transformed.

Make Your Appointment in Orlando to Learn More 

When you want to experience the advantages of braces, set up your consultation appointment. Our orthodontist will evaluate your teeth. Your problem areas will be pinpointed. Our orthodontist will use medical imagery to create a precise treatment plan. You will be able to talk about your alternatives and find out how long it will take to see your teeth move into place. It will take time, but braces will be a positive change in your life that will last forever. Let your orthodontist show you what they can do to enhance your smile today.

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