Ligatureless Braces

You have made the decision to get orthodontic treatment. You know it will be worth it when you see that beautiful, healthy smile. Properly aligned teeth enhance your appearance and can give you a boost in confidence. They can also help you to prevent TMJ disorders and sleep apnea. That’s all well and good, but now you have to make choices. You have many options when it comes to the best treatment plan for you. If you are going the route of braces over aligners, ligatureless braces could be ideal for you.

What are Ligatureless Braces?

These braces look like the brackets that you typically see with traditional braces. However, there is no need to have them attached to rubber bands or ties that connect them to the wires. They are smaller and apply tension to the wire on their own. The wire that is used with ligatureless braces is lightweight as compared to other alternatives. It is based on shape-memory technology. You won’t have the friction that is typical with traditional braces, which means you will be more comfortable. Your treatment will be shorter as well when your ligatureless braces get the job done more effectively.

Why Choose These Braces?

Ligatureless braces are ideal if you cannot take advantage of other options, such as clear aligners. While adults and teens alike are jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to Invisalign®, the problem with clear aligners is that they only work for mild orthodontic problems. If you have a more severe issue, you are more likely going to need brackets and wires. Ligatureless braces allow you to tap into advances in treatment in order to have optimal results.

You Can Have an Incredible Smile

You might not have ever pictured yourself with braces. You might never have imagined that you could have an amazing smile. Think about braces as the means to an end. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth with ligatureless braces, you can always choose braces with brackets that are clear or match the color of your teeth to make your treatment less obvious. Remember that it will be worth it in the long run when you finally see the outcome of your orthodontic treatment. Open the door to the possibilities that come with a beautiful smile.

Ask Our Orthodontist About Your Options

It is time to find out what ligatureless braces can do for you. Your teeth aren’t going to align themselves. You need an effective treatment plan that will help you to reach your goals for your smile. Our orthodontist at Lach Orthodontic Specialists can be your guide. Your teeth will be carefully evaluated, and medical imagery will help our orthodontist to map out your treatment plan. Explore your options and discuss ligatureless braces as the friction-free solution for your teeth.

Although Dr. Lach is a top 1% provider nationwide for Invisalign® and the number one provider in Orlando for Invisalign®, he is well-versed in all types of orthodontic treatments, including ligatureless braces. He has offices in Oviedo and Lake Nona. Contact his office today to schedule your orthodontic appointment.