Whitening Procedure for Stained Teeth

When you have stained teeth, it can really take away from your smile. Worse yet, it can make you so self-conscious that you don’t want to show your teeth to anyone. You can try all kinds of whitening products that are available in the store, but you are likely to be unsatisfied with the results. Commercial teeth whitening products can be harsh to your gums and teeth. They usually take a long time to cause any type of whitening and can be inconvenient as you apply strips or gels to your teeth. You can try whitening toothpaste, but your stained teeth may be too stubborn for your efforts to make any difference. To get the best results, consider in-office teeth whitening at Lach Orthodontic Specialists.

Why Choose In-Office Teeth Whitening?

In-office teeth whitening allows you to benefit from professional-strength whitening products that take effect within just minutes. The end result is a much brighter smile that will really boost your confidence. Your treatment will be short and effective. You can even take advantage of other products that can be used at home as a follow-up to maintain your results.

Put Yourself in the Hands of the Experts

When you try home remedies and commercial products for teeth whitening, you may cause more harm than good. Many of your own efforts could actually damage your teeth. Our team has the tools, products and experience to give your stained teeth the best treatment. As an added benefit, they will be able to identify any issues with your teeth that need to be addressed.

When you come to our office for a professional teeth whitening treatment, our team will give your teeth a comprehensive evaluation. You can make sure your teeth are whiter and healthy as well. If there is a problem, our team of professionals can take care of it before you have a major issue. If you are wary of orthodontic treatment, you should take comfort in knowing that Dr. Lach is a top 1% provider for Invisalign®, and the number one provider in Orlando for Invisalign®.

Learn More About Professional Teeth Whitening

You can have whiter teeth and eliminate those stains that have been holding you back. Professional teeth whitening at Lach Orthodontic Specialists will give you a reason to flash your pearly whites every day. Each time you look in the mirror, your white teeth will be there to greet you.

Make an appointment at our office in Lake Nona or Oviedo to get started on your journey to whiter teeth. Our team will help you to transform those stains into an amazing, bright smile. Contact us today to book your consultation for in-office teeth whitening.