Invisalign Teen vs Braces for Adolescents

If your teenager needs orthodontic treatment, you might have a battle on your hands. The teen years are a difficult time in a kid’s life. It’s a time when everyone is trying to fit in. The last thing your son or daughter wants is to stand out because of braces on his or her teeth. However, the benefits of orthodontic correction far outweigh any of the negatives. When all is said and done, your child will have a beautiful set of teeth. That amazing smile will give your teenager a major boost in confidence. As you begin the journey of orthodontic treatment for your teenager, consider your options first. Some of the most popular options in Oviedo and Lake Nona are Invisalign Teen® and braces.

A Look at Invisalign Teen®

Invisalign Teen® is an extremely popular method of orthodontic treatment. It’s an alternative that is chosen by both teens and adults to shift teeth into proper alignment. It involves the use of clear aligners that slide over your teen’s teeth. They are customized to fit your child’s needs in order to gradually move his or her teeth in the right direction. The aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours every day to have the best results. After two weeks, your child will need to exchange the old set of aligners for a new set. Many patients prefer Invisalign Teen® because it is a discreet form of orthodontic correction. The aligners can be removed when there is a special function or an event involving contact sports. They can also be removed to perform oral hygiene, resulting in healthier teeth for your teenager.

As a rule of thumb, Invisalign Teen® is recommended for milder cases. Dr. Lach is a top 1% provider for Invisalign® and the number 1 provider in Orlando, FL for Invisalign®. Only our orthodontist in Orlando will be able to determine if Invisalign Teen® will work for your child.

What About Braces for Adolescents?

Traditional braces are still the most common form of orthodontic correction for adolescents. While your teen may not want metal brackets and wires, this may be the best treatment option to correct the problem with your child’s teeth. If your teenager must have regular braces, there have been many innovations in recent years that may offer some encouragement. Ceramic braces offer a more discreet alternative for braces. You can discuss your options with our experienced orthodontist to find a good fit for your child.

Make an Appointment with Our Orlando Orthodontist

When you set up a consultation at Lach Orthodontic Specialists, your child’s teeth can be thoroughly evaluated through a physical examination and the use of medical imagery. From that point, it will be possible to map out a customized treatment plan that will be most effective for your son or daughter. You can discuss all of the possible options and learn what to expect when it comes to the length of treatment time. When your teen knows what is ahead and what kind of results are going to occur, it can make it easier to prepare for orthodontic treatment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office in Lake Nona or Oviedo!