Orthodontic Expanders

Most everyone would agree that they want to have a nice smile. There are so many benefits that are associated with an attractive, healthy smile. First, a healthy smile is related to overall good health. Second, when you see an attractive smile when you look at yourself in the mirror, you feel great about your appearance. You have a good measure of self-esteem. Third, others treat you better when you have a nice smile. Like it or not, this idea has been proven time and again. When a person has an attractive smile, others are likely to assume that the individual is well educated and more likable.

Even though everyone would like to have a nice smile, not everyone naturally has one. There are so many things that can cause a person to have an unattractive smile. Some individuals are just born with problems that naturally lead them to have a crooked or otherwise unattractive smile. They may have teeth that are overcrowded, or they may have an under or overbite. And things can happen in an individual’s life that cause their teeth to look unattractive, including eating foods that cause their teeth to turn yellow or being involved in an accident that causes their teeth to chip.

Just because there are some things that cause an individual to have an unattractive smile does not mean that a person can do nothing. There are so many tools that orthodontists have at their disposal to help individuals achieve a perfect smile. One such tool is using orthodontic expanders for abnormally shaped jaws and other problems.

One of the most common problems that individuals have is a jaw that is too small. Using an orthodontic expander can be extremely beneficial in this situation or if an individual has a jaw that is shaped abnormally in other ways. Orthodontic expanders are custom-made orthodontic appliances. They are installed by bonding, or cementing, the device to the upper teeth on the inner side. This will help to enlarge the palate or to help reshape it.

The expander has a screw that is right in the center of the device. This is going to be adjusted in order to exert force on the bones in the jaw. It will continue to be moved until the orthodontist is satisfied with the shape and size of the patient’s jaw. Under normal circumstances, a patient is asked to turn the screw one or two times each day. If an orthodontic expander is being used for a child, the parent will supervise or do the job for them.

In many cases, it is necessary for an individual to wear an expander before or in addition to using braces and other orthodontic devices in order to help them achieve a more normally shaped jaw.

In addition to the fact that correcting an abnormally shaped jaw will help a person to eventually achieve a more attractive smile, it is also beneficial in other ways. It can help an individual to chew better and may eliminate some forms of neck and jaw pain.

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