Most people have relatively healthy smiles, but they may have a few glaring imperfections that prevent them from being confident in their pearly whites. They may have some tooth crowding, small chips or other issues that can make a smile less than perfect. Individuals fail to fix these issues due to the process involved with doing so. They are worried about the required involvement for restorations like fillings and crowns.

The surprising fact is that not every smile needs radical restorations to look beautiful. Enameloplasty focuses on reshaping the enamel of teeth to improve the overall aesthetics of your smile. It can compensate for minor crowding, long teeth and other more common problems.

How Does Enameloplasty Work?

Enameloplasty attempts to treat the many minor imperfections that may present themselves on teeth. Conditions like small bumps, chips and sharp edges tend to detract from the overall aesthetics of a person’s smile, and cause a patient to become self-conscious. These conditions can be removed through the use of enameloplasty.

These minor imperfections can carefully be removed to reshape and contour the surface of teeth, which in turn can provide everything from an improvement in appearance to protection from further damage.

The process itself is relatively simple. Our dentist utilizes abrasives and other mechanisms to carefully remove any trouble areas from the patient’s smile. Given the small amount of enamel removed, any further imperfections left behind will repair themselves as teeth re-mineralize. The result is an outstanding smile that remains free from crowding, elongated teeth, chips and edges.

How Does Enameloplasty Compare to Other Treatments?

Enameloplasty is the reshaping of the enamel that is already present upon your teeth. It enables you to reshape your teeth without the need for restorations and other treatments that may need to be replaced in five to ten years. With enameloplasty, only enamel is removed from your teeth.

While this is part of other restorations, such as when fillings are added to teeth, it tends to be incredibly minor by comparison. This is because our dentist is reshaping your tooth rather than trying to correct structural issues that may exist.

Another major benefit of enameloplasty is the way that it can protect a smile. Enamel wear caused by bruxism or damage can give plaque places to hide where it is hard to reach. Smoothing these places will protect your teeth from plaque and acids, which in turn will help your teeth stay pristine.

Enameloplasty Can Perfect Your Smile

If your dental needs are cosmetic or relatively minor, then enameloplasty may be a valid option to correct your smile. It can smooth out rough edges, fix areas where enamel has chipped and prevent the development of future problems by making your teeth more resistant to damage.

To see if enameloplasty is what your teeth need to look and feel better, schedule an appointment with our experts at Lach Orthodontic Specialists, with locations in Orlando and Oviedo. We can assess your smile’s needs and use our wealth of experience to create the perfect plan to make your smile flawless. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.