In the field of orthodontics, a malocclusion is a term that defines any type of abnormal formation of the teeth. The upper and lower teeth should ideally make normal contact during a closed bite. Misalignment of the dental arches is caused by genetics, lifestyle and poor oral hygiene. It’s also important to recognize the relationship between primary and permanent teeth. The milk teeth have to fall out just in time to allow permanent teeth to properly erupt in normal positions. It’s believed that sucking on a thumb or biting on fingernails can significantly increase the potential for a malocclusion in children. Premature loss of primary teeth also comes with some negative consequences in terms of the formation of a permanent bite. Empty space in the mouth is naturally going to disrupt the proper alignment of tooth buds in the gums. If you or your child has a malocclusion, our Florida orthodontic specialist can provide you with the most effective orthodontic treatment for your needs.

Classification of Malocclusion

A malocclusion is usually classified according to the anatomy of the upper and lower dental arches. Excessive protrusion of the upper teeth is known as an overbite. Similarly, lower teeth that extend forward too far cause a condition that’s called an underbite. An open bite means that the incisors don’t make proper contact even when a person forcefully attempts to bite down and close the mouth.

Crowding of the teeth is another common problem in the world of orthodontics. This complication occurs when the geometry of the teeth doesn’t fall into proportion with the size of the mouth. For example, the canines might noticeably erupt much higher in relation to the molars and incisors. Extreme cases of crowding can force the teeth to stick out even when the mouth is partially or fully closed. In any of these cases, only a trained orthodontic specialist can provide the proper correction.

Conventional Braces

Since their jaw structure and gums are relatively flexible and subject to growth, teenagers are the ideal candidates for classic orthodontic braces. Once brackets and arch wires are properly installed, they gradually exert forces that align the teeth into correct positions.

Some rubber and plastic hardware might also be applied in order to bolster certain points in the mouth. For instance, ligatures and bands maintain constant tension between specific pairs of teeth. Teens who want to look cool while receiving treatment from our orthodontic specialist could get colorful brackets and arch wires. There are also some less noticeable braces available for patients who may feel too ashamed to wear classic braces. Ceramic brackets could be installed to improve the overall aesthetics and confidence of such individuals.

Clear Aligners

Our orthodontic specialist utilizes cutting-edge technology that has numerous advantages over traditional treatment plans. Clear aligners are composed of transparent plastic that’s very durable, rigid and lightweight. Invisalign® is a proprietary name for such orthodontic appliances that are perfect for young adults.

Personalized moldings for the aligners are made from 3-D virtual impressions that are powered by the iTero scanning system. Invisalign® treatment is usually followed by wearing a retainer. This removable mouthpiece is supposed to keep the newly aligned teeth in the correct positions for the long term.

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