Retainers For Life At Lach Orthodontic Specialists

Your braces are finally off and your teeth look amazing. You find yourself smiling, even when no one is around. You can’t help it. And then you remember that one little device you’re supposed to wear every day – your retainer.

Retainers are custom trays designed to keep your teeth from shifting. Now, I know what you’re thinking, do you really need to wear it all the time? The answer is yes. Wearing your retainer is important for keeping your teeth in their correct position. There are two types of retainers in Lake Nona, bonded retainers and removable retainers.

Bonded retainers are glued to your teeth with a wire that connects them across the bridge of your mouth. They can last up to 3 years. It’s important to have your dentist check your retainer each time you go for a visit. After all, it’s not uncommon for the glue and wires to become loose.

Removable retainers come in two types, Hawley and Essix. Hawley retainers have an acrylic piece that is molded to the roof of your mouth with base wires that wrap around the front of your teeth. Essix retainers use a single piece of clear plastic that’s been molded to your bite so that it can easily fit over your teeth.

Invisalign also offers retainers for when you’ve finished your treatment. They’re called Vivera and are similar to Essix retainers. All three types of retainers wear out quickly and need to be replaced every 6 months to a year. So, it’s a good idea to have an extra one on hand.

Keeping your retainers clean is also important. To clean your retainer, make a paste using baking soda and distilled water and brush your retainer with a toothbrush. When you’re not wearing your retainer, leave it soaking in distilled water because you never want it to get dried out. One way to protect against your retainer from drying out is to keep it in its case when you’re not wearing it.

Our office offers Retainers for life. Retainers are expensive and this is a great way to make sure you are never without one! Click to find out more information on our Retainers for Life program!