Orthodontic Treatments with Propel

If you wish there was a fast track to orthodontic correction, you are not alone. So many patients wish there was a shortcut to get that smile that is the envy of all others. In the past, orthodontic work meant a long haul. You could expect four years while you were wearing your mouthful of metal. Thanks to modern advances in the field, you’ll find that your choices are wide open today. You can opt for more than one form of orthodontic treatment, and some are designed to give you faster results. Propel can help you to speed up your orthodontic correction so that you can flash those pearly whites sooner.

What’s the Story About Propel?

When you opt for an orthodontist who has embraced Propel products, you can expect to achieve your results in a shorter amount of time. Propel has developed several products and procedures that have revolutionized orthodontic treatment. The whole idea behind it is to find treatment methods that are more effective and accelerate results. No one wants to wait an eternity to get a set of straight teeth and a proper bite. Propel helps our orthodontist to achieve positive results as soon as possible.

What to Expect 

When our orthodontist uses Propel, you can expect a small device to be applied to your teeth. It stimulates the bones that surround your teeth. In essence, Propel gets your own system to work with you more effectively, propelling your teeth to shift into the proper position sooner.

Whether you wear traditional braces or opt for Invisalign® aligners, Propel can help you to enhance your orthodontic treatment. It’s extremely safe and cuts down your treatment time. It means fewer visits to our orthodontist and the smile you want in a shorter amount of time.

It’s Time to Propel Your Orthodontic Treatment

If you want to get the smile of your dreams and you don’t want to waste any time, ask the experts at Lach Orthodontic Specialists about Propel. We have locations in Oviedo and Orlando. This safe and innovative support to your orthodontic treatment can give you positive results.

Think of Propel as one more component of your treatment regimen, allowing you to use all of the latest advances in the field to effectively shift your teeth. You deserve to have a smile that will make you happy. Talk to Dr. Lach to learn more about Propel and to find out if it will work for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.