Treatment for Correcting Overbites

An overbite is a condition in which your upper teeth stick out too far and overhang the lower ones further than they should. This can cause issues in more than one way. As such, many people come to our office seeking treatment for correcting overbites.

First of all, there can be an impact on the appearance. If the overbite is severe, it can make it more difficult to close the mouth completely. Instead, the natural position of the lips when the mouth is closed can be such that the upper front teeth will show unless a conscious effort is placed into forcing the lips closed. A severe overbite can make the upper part of your mouth stick out, especially when you are viewed from the side.

If you have an overbite, it can be more difficult to eat. The condition can interfere with your ability to bite or chew properly. This is because the upper and lower teeth do not line up with each other in a way that allows them to crush your food during chewing.

Our orthodontist in Orlando is highly skilled and experienced in correcting overbites with braces or other aligners that are used to change the position of the teeth. They can move the upper teeth back, the lower teeth forward or both. Traditional braces have been used for a long time to make corrections of this nature. While these braces are effective, many people are reluctant to choose them because of the appearance they create while they are in place. Individuals often do not like the thoughts that the first thing others see when they smile is a mouthful of metal.

Fortunately for those who struggle with the idea of traditional metal braces, there are other options available for correcting overbites and other issues. Invisalign® is one of the most well-known alternatives to traditional braces. The system uses clear aligners that are placed over the teeth for the purpose of moving them into their targeted locations. Rather than having the tension adjusted, they are simply changed out every couple of weeks. These aligners can also be removed for cleaning and for brushing and flossing the teeth.

Invisalign® aligners are not right for everybody. In some situations, the teeth are misaligned too much for the system to be able to handle it effectively. In those cases, another method must be chosen.

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