Clear Braces

Clear braces have specific advantages over traditional metal braces. If you need orthodontic treatment to correct bite issues but are reluctant to get braces because of their appearance, consult with the team at Lach Orthodontic Specialists about your options, such as clear braces or Invisalign®. We are the top provider of Invisalign® in the Orlando area and among the top percent of providers in the nation. We also offer clear braces, which many patients prefer over the traditional metal type.

Adults may be reluctant to wear braces in a professional setting, while teens often feel self-conscious about the appearance of metal braces. Since clear braces are much more discreet, they allow you to achieve a straight, even smile while maintaining your self-confidence during treatment.

Clear braces can be made from ceramic or porcelain material. While some people mistakenly believe that clear braces are more prone to staining, they are made in a way that resists stains from products like coffee. This allows a person to undergo orthodontic treatment without others realizing they are doing it.

These braces work just like traditional braces. They use brackets and arch wires to guide the teeth into the proper position. They have the same treatment time as metal braces, and you care for them in the same way that you would care for metal braces. Really, the only difference is the material.

Braces made out of ceramic or porcelain are especially popular among adults. This is because many adults need orthodontic correction, but they are hesitant to get traditional braces due to others noticing them. They may want to hide them from coworkers or potential partners for fear of judgement or ridicule. Clear braces allow for more discretion, thus giving you the self-confidence you need as you undergo orthodontic treatment.

Are you convinced that clear braces are right for you? Make an appointment with our orthodontist at Lach Orthodontic Specialists in Orlando, specifically located in Oviedo and Lake Nona, to learn more about clear braces, Invisalign® and your other options. We would be happy to evaluate your situation and help you determine which form of treatment is best for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!